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"Morgan was very confident and spoke with clarity so I could fully understand the process. I felt really safe in the session which allowed me to go deeper into my own process. She set up a beautiful container and I was really thankful for her guidance. I felt Morgan's presence throughout the entire session. She allowed me to express and hold space for everything I released. I'm really grateful for her presence, it allowed me to let go. I also felt seen and heard. It was everything I needed to get ready for the new year! Thank you so much again for your support today, it means the world. She is an incredible practitioner of this work! You can feel, see & hear it through her expression. You are amazing, Morgan!"

Hali B.

"Morgan's guidance, intuition, energy, and presence was so powerful. Morgan is also a great listener. I felt very seen & heard the entire session. Morgan's ability to hold space is incredible. She is going to change so many lives."

JoAnne C.

Lizel Z.

"Her confident guidance was both powerful and calming. The best parts of the session to me is when she said that 'I don’t have to carry all that weight anymore' and 'I can just let is go with each breath'. Holding “out” the air was also new to me!"

"Morgan is very confident in explaining the process and providing examples of some of the feelings we might have & physical things we might experience. Morgan made me feel safe & comfortable. She stayed close & guided me through which made it feel comfortable."

Andrea W.

"Morgan was calm and confident. The best part was knowing I dedicated an hour of my time solely to care for and nurture myself and release things I'd been holding on to. She was supportive & guiding, intuitive, and kind. I felt that there was space for me to share at the end if I wanted to but not pressure to do so either."

Katie N.

"Morgan is super comforting and professional. I loved this. I got a lot of clarity and some messages I have not previously received in other therapies. Thank you very much!"

Chelsey H.



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I help female professionals empower themselves through breath  & somatic practices  🌬 . I'm a certified (bilingual) SomatIQ™ Breathwork Practitioner.






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