What if you could start a blog from scratch that truly sings to the tune of your unique voice & equips you to stand out BOLDLY in a saturated blogger's market?

Even if you have no clue how to begin, no confidence in your capabilities, and no start-up plan!


they have zero clue HOW they want to serve and no clue WHO they are speaking to

they are not laser-focused & clear on communicating their offer & solving problems

Are the blog odds stacked against YOU?

they do not have clear action steps established, so they become lost and frustrated

they don't have a realistic plan that gets them excited to show up and create

they don't take their unique heritage and background into account

they don't know which tools and resources to use to make their blog UNSTOPPABLE

Fortunately for you, I've been there...

A recent Study declares that nearly 70% of Bloggers make no income from their blog.

Why aren't they making money from their blog?

Have you made these same mistakes?

Wasted hours on one-off blogging tutorials or webinars that didn't help

Invested in so many tools you didn’t actually need or knew how to use

Spent way too much time watching a bazillion YouTube videos, rather than taking action

“By enrolling in ChicaAcademy, I was hoping for a practical roadmap for how to market my work on social media. Wow did I learn that and SO MUCH MORE. I loved how Morgan broke down things you don’t think about at first, such as accounting and getting a business license. As artists, this is something that doesn’t come naturally! I’d rather get to work on the art. BUT it’s so important! 😅

Mainly: I loved her [intentional] encouragement to BE AUTHENTIC and how that shapes your Business. If we are untrue to ourselves, we will attract a similar Audience. Sometimes being true to yourself is [actually] freeing to someone else! Sometimes all we need is a roadmap and a little encouragement to be who we are! Morgan does this beautifully by encouraging Chicas to be authentic and TRUE to themselves. I highly recommend ChicaAcademy.”


"Sometimes all we need is a roadmap and a little encouragement to be who we are!"

You're not alone!

This is why I'm going to show you exactly how to go from hobby to a profit producing blog.

Once you have a proven roadmap and experienced guidance it will all make sense...

You’ll learn how to avoid making the most common mistakes when starting a blog & how to curate an Action-Plan.

You’ll untap the 5 Real Action-Steps to harnessing your own rooted Heritage and how to translate that into your blog.

You’ll recognize the most common Roadblocks of a Contemporary Blogger and how to insert the Step-by-Step plan towards removing these (temporary) Roadblocks.

You’ll walkthrough the 3 Success Elements that every successful Blogger MUST harness within her blog, in order to fully & authentically reap the rewards of your online brand.

You’ll receive a breakdown of the Kajabi All-in-One Business Platform and how to BEST utilize this Platform for your own Blogging Business.


Your 6-Week action program to become a contemporary Blogger. Learn to GROW A PROFITABLE & PICTURESQUE BLOG that CONFIDENTLY stands out in today's diverse blogger market!


The Program Includes:








Pull experiences & background from your unique heritage so that your blog authentically STANDS OUT.


Unleash the ultimate mindset to set up your blog’s foundational roots.

Define real roadblocks that are standing in your way to creating your blogging business and how to strategically remove them.

Identify the three KEY Success Elements to establishing a successful, money-making blog.

You will document this journey of mindset shifts by taking a series of assessments and a final activity. This webinar will create an EMPOWERING foundation before you to move into the technical-side of blogging.

Learn the step-by-step basics of Kajabi’s All-in-One Platform and why it’s a practical investment for your blog.


Uncover the ultimate tools to get your blogging business established.

Define the most efficient Kajabi workflow orders that you need to implement as a blogger.

Identify the methods and steps of implementing video, posts, branding, and DI’S (digital images) into your blog’s site.

Included is a series of BONUS Tests (including study guides) and a final activity. This webinar will set you up with an established, online space before you to move into the marketing-side of blogging.

Learn the building blocks for getting your Business Model concise & clear.


Unveil the ultimate resources and strategies to get your blog discovered.

Define the most efficient tools, methods, & approaches for getting your finances in order as a blogger.

Identify the most impactful writing styles & research techniques to get your blog noticed (and trusted) more quickly.

Establish the most useful & efficient means of compounding your reach online (organically) as a blogger.

PLUS...these extras to get faster results!


Special Guest Appearance: I bring in a financial expert to break down 3 pieces of financial advice for starting a blog full-time. Get sound advice from a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) with over 7 years experience in the finance world.

Live Q&A’s: 2x per month with Morgan Tyner in the Private Facebook Group. Morgan Tyner shows up live to answer questions that arise throughout the Academy to offer you as much training and insight as possible.


Access to a Private Facebook Group with other ChicaAcademy students
An online community & networking space with other students (just like you) who want to start a money-making blog.

Link to access my exclusive Pinterest Group Board
Exclusive, Pinterest group board run by Morgan Tyner. This helps compound your reach on Pinterest, organically.

And so much more...


You’ll get clear on the A to Z Steps to getting your organic Blog’s Business Model up, so it’ll run properly.

You’ll master your own Writing by implementing my Top Template Writing Components that every Blog Post should have!

You’ll have a Full Action-Plan on how YOU should conceptualize and execute ALL necessary steps to developing your organic Marketing Plan to organically GROW YOUR FOLLOWING!

You’ll establish a Step-by-Step breakdown of the BEST way to implement Vlogs, still DI's (Digital Images), CTA's (Call to Actions), Audio, etc. into your own Kajabi Blog Platform.

You’ll understand how to fully utilize Kajabi Platform and all the Recommended Work-Flows that are necessary to achieve your Success on Kajabi as a blogger.

Spent months trying to build a blog site that only left me feeling drained, frustrated, & defeated

Have you tried this...

Asked for advice from too many different people trying to gain direction, which left me feeling even more confused

Been terrified to invest in your blog, because you were scared that it just “wasn’t in the cards” for me to be successful

FYI - You're not alone!

Trust me, I've tried it all too...

Obsessed over your Instagram following, and “looking the part” on social media

The three step-by-step formulas in this Academy break down the EXACT methods you need for becoming a successful female blogger. No useless videos, no overwhelm, just simplified strategy.

I'm here to tell you, there's another way!



1 payment of




(3) MONTHLY paymentS of



ChicaAcademy (Full Price $497)

Live Q&A Sessions with Morgan

ChicaAcademy (Full Price $655)

Access to a Private Facebook Group with other ChicaAcademy students

Access to a Private Facebook Group with other ChicaAcademy students

Save $158 with this option

Live Q&A Sessions with Morgan



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1) They don't walk along the journey with you.

At all. It's like a hodge-podge of anything and everything under the earth about starting a blog. No strategy. No focus. Which is basically like a free YouTube video on steroids. It's not a journey. It’s not a rich experience.

Those other blogging programs you tried didn't work because...

2) They don’t pull from your heritage.

Our unique heritage is an extremely empowering (and powerful) tool that many of us overlook. ChicaAcademy walks you through Three Major ChicaSuccess strategies to implement unique heritage INTO your platform. I can guarantee you no other blogging courses are teaching this like I am. It's going to set you apart from your competition.

3) There isn't consistent accountability.

You will have access to your very own private Mastermind Group where you can connect with other ChicaAcademy™ Students. PLUS bi-weekly Q&A sessions with me as your personal ChicaTrainer so you can receive maximum guidance on your investment in my Program.



1 payment of



ChicaAcademy - Blogging Course

Live Q&A Sessions with Morgan

Access to a Private Facebook Group with other ChicaAcademy students

Save $74 (18%) with this option




“I'd recommend Morgan to anyone looking for clear steps to improve the flow of their website. Morgan was very clear about what's working well and what could be even better, as well as how to make it better. She helped cut the anxiety about the million things on my to-do list and helped me focus on items that are easy to change as well as a couple larger items to work on over time. Morgan gave me more confidence about my blog and mission.”

Sarah Langner

I'm a PASSIONATE advocate for female bloggers who want to establish their own brand online, and it's my mission to give back and fast-track them into doing so!

In my 3 years of blogging full-time and helping hundreds of bloggers establish content that connects with who they are as a person and the things that matter most to them in their lives, I discovered that so many have fears and concerns about wasting time, too much information, and never making income. They also have NO idea the plethora of opportunities that come from creating an online personal brand.

It is my goal to help bloggers realize WHAT their AMAZING options are that arise with blogger side-hustles and clearly define what matters MOST in their lives so they can confidently and comfortably make that transition into developing a side-hustle with a blogging platform!

Hola! I'm Morgan Tyner


"Morgan has made me more aware of what's important to focus on and how important authenticity is (in blogging). She has showed me how to be myself and create an engaging following organically!"

Lifestyle & Fashion Blogger @_thedailyaj


"Anyone that has a blog listen up!! Morgan reviewed my blog and her advice was stellar! Anyone needing tips & advice, she is your go to gal! She really really helped me revamp my website and blog. Her content has been a GREAT resource for me!! She reminds me to focus on why I started my blog and stick to it, which helps me stay motivated. She has taught me that giving up on my blog is not an option!"

Fashion Blogger  www.marilang.co

Mari Lang

Hannah Nicole Knighton

"Morgan gives really focused and insightful feedback. She’s supportive and constructive in her criticism and analysis. She helped me focus my goals in blogging and gave me pointers for having a more accessible blog page!!"

Lifestyle Blogger // hannahnknighton.com

"Morgan has taught me SO MUCH to be honest. She immediately made me feel welcome to her community. She teaches me how to grow my engagement, organically. She even offered me a free growth guide, that I LOVE & IT WORKS! She has showed me that engaging with my audience/being authentic is MOST IMPORTANT!"

Lifestyle Blogger // @lottelangendijk

Lotte Langendijk

"Morgan gave me more confidence in recognizing that I have a valuable voice with great information to offer. I sometimes doubt myself, so I am grateful for this encouragement. She has also helped me to realize that there are things about by blog that I can improve on and actions that will add value to my blog. I've never had an outside perspective other than family members, so it's great to have a professional look over my blog and give me advice from her standpoint. Morgan gave me actionable, useful advice that I can implement to improve my blog and business."

Kathryn Schwab

Health Blogger // tonsofgoodness.com

Morgan has taught me SO MUCH to be honest. She immediately made me feel welcome to her community. She teaches me how to grow my engagement, organically. She even offered me a free growth guide, that I LOVE & IT WORKS! She has showed me that engaging with my audience/being authentic is MOST IMPORTANT!

Jacey Smith

Lifestyle Blogger // jaceylora.com

You've been switching Niches (back and forth) and you have NO IDEA which one is BEST for YOU. You feel fully paralyzed because you don't feel like you can even START without having these KEY Strategies packed down.

ChicaAcademy™ is right for you if...

You are in the beginning stages of your Blog Business (or heck, maybe you're still just in the idea phase) and you're very interested in learning HOW to leverage your own Heritage to ROOT YOU as a powerful & unstoppable Blogger.

You're still an extremely curious Entrepreneur and you want to know ALL there is to know about all the tactics bloggers are using to authentically GROW an income-generating blog.

You really want to avoid buying likes, followers, and false engagement + interaction, and you want to GROW the organic and honest way.

You KNOW that it's possible to make an income with a blog, but you just need SOMEONE to teach you exactly how it ALL works so YOU don't get overwhelmed and so YOU can finally just JUMP IN & START!

I understand that you have a lot of options when it comes to improving your career with an online brand. I've been there, I get it.

I'm very proud of the methods, templates, and trainings I create. And I know anyone who buys them and does the work to implement them will see the results and love that they purchased. 

That's why I'm offering a 14-day money-back guarantee.

While I can't jump out of your laptop, desktop computer, or phone to do this work for you, I can guarantee your satisfaction with the information and step-by-step how to guides, plus the immense time, stress, & guess-work it will save you.

Of course, if you're not happy with the product, I will refund your money within 14 days of your purchase.

If You're Not 100% Satisfied...
Neither Am I

Q: Will I get access to ALL the materials the moment I purchase the program? How does it work?

A: ¡Sí! (Yes!) You get Life-time access to ChicaAcademy™. And, the very BEST part is that it's a totally self-paced, completely self-study Program. So, you can start and stop anytime. You will ALSO have the Private Facebook Mastermind Group where YOU can JUMP IN any time to ask your Questions!!!


Q: What if I'm SUPER busy and I don't have TIME to follow the Program week after week?

A: Chica, I totally feel you. It's no problem!

While each Webinar in ChicaAcademy™ is indeed delivered to YOU week after week --- even after the 6-weeks, you will STILL retain permanent Access to ALL program, materials, including: Access to your Private Facebook Mastermind Group; archived posts, questions, and other material IN the Private Facebook Mastermind Group; and ALL activities, tests, and key resource guide lists, etc.

Q: How involved will YOU be as the Program's ChicaTrainer?

A: My involvement in the Program (and as your ChicaTrainer) is only within the office hours I give in the ChicaAcademy Facebook Group.

Q: Can I DM or private message YOU if I need more help in this Program?

A: Unfortunately, no. Private messaging and 1:1 access is ONLY reserved for my high-ticket, private ChicaConsultees. ALL Questions MUST be asked within ChicaAcademy™ Facebook Group.

Q: Do I need to already have a blogging business in order to Enroll in ChicaAcademy™?

A: Nope you don't! However, to benefit the MOST out of ChicaAcademy™, it's recommended that YOU are at least interested in learning about Online Marketing, Personal Development, and Business Development as a full-time Blogger.

The ultimate Purpose of ChicaAcademy™ is not only to teach YOU my strategic tips and tricks for blogging, but ALSO to help you develop a authentic, organic, deeply-rooted online business, so you can live as a more freer, more confident, and more well-rounded entrepreneur!

Q: Who is the absolute perfect student for this Program?

A: A woman who is fully interested in starting her own income-generating Blog Business OR is in the beginning stages of her own Blog Business Development and wants to TOTALLY ENHANCE her personal Skills while using her unique Heritage as the fully UNBREAKABLE FOUNDATION.

 While this Program has great growth strategies for Blogging, with respect to your Time and your Investment, this Program is truly only catered to those who are genuinely interested in curating a rich, unique income-generated blog, so please review the Webinars to assess if this Program is the right fit for YOU. 

Q: Can you guarantee my Results?

A: My role (Trainer) is to Educate, Support and Assist YOU in reaching your ultimate Goals. But YOUR level of Success depends primarily on your very OWN effort, dedication, motivation, commitment AND actual follow-through with ChicaAcademy™. I cannot (and will not ever) guarantee that YOU will attain any particular Blog Business Result OR Blog Income Increase. You consent and understand that ALL results differ by each Student. And, EACH Chica’s Business Success depends on her OWN background, dedication, desire, motivation, AND a whole plethora of additional (both internal & external) factors. As with ANY Business-Related Program or Service that you purchase, your results may vary. JUST Like with real-life school, the teacher cannot guarantee if YOU will (or will not) pass a given Program --- if YOU don't put in the Effort, Work, and Time. BUT, if you're the true Entrepreneur that I personally think you ARE, I’m quite positive you won’t have a problem being a real Success --- IF you make the most out of your valuable Investment.

Q: Can I only pay for certain Webinars?

A: No. This Academy is only sold as a FULL package and pieces of it will not be sold separate.



1 payment of




(3) MONTHLY paymentS of



ChicaAcademy (Full Price $497)

Live Q&A Sessions with Morgan

ChicaAcademy (Full Price $655)

Access to a Private Facebook Group with other ChicaAcademy students

Access to a Private Facebook Group with other ChicaAcademy students

Save $158 with this option

Live Q&A Sessions with Morgan



Buy ChicaAcademy