Personal wellness starts with small, simple, systematic steps. This is especially true for busy content creators. It’s so easy to become burnout and overlook your daily, wellness habits. There are so many health and wellness tips out there. If you’re like me, you wish you could shut-up the noise and explore for yourself what you need. You […]

Female Entrepreneurship, The Reroot

May 19, 2022

Bulletproof Energy for Entrepreneurs

Photo of a tired female entrepreneur for the blog post about Bulletproof energy for entrepreneurs is essential

From mental health to ergonomics, time management to organization, there are plenty of amazing ways to take your home office to the next level. In saying that, when you’re deciding on home essentials for remotely working, you want to make sure you’re incorporating these key elements into your home office. Over all, for a comfortable […]

Female Entrepreneurship, Remotely Working, The Reroot

May 19, 2022

Home Office Essentials for Remotely Working

Photo of female content creator with her laptop working remotely at a beach next to her dog.

What influencer trends should you be aware of in 2022? It is no secret in the marketing world that influencer marketing has quickly become one of the most effective methods there is to raise brand awareness, brand loyalty and to drive sales. Many brands find themselves looking to incorporate influencer marketing into their marketing mix […]

Influencer Marketing, Social Media, The Reroot

May 5, 2022

2022 Influencer trends you’ve never considered

What causes a micro influencer to experience burnout (and how to cope with burnout) “They just stopped doing content. When creators do try to speak out on being bullied or burnout or not being treated as human, the comments all say, ‘You’re an influencer, get over it.’” Truly, no more relatable statement was ever spoken […]

Female Entrepreneurship, Influencer Marketing, The Reroot

January 17, 2022

Why Micro Influencers Experience Burnout



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