5 Ways to Make Money Online as an Influencer

  1. […] Pricing Growth: Kat used to charged $75 for one month of one on one coaching. Now, Kat’s eight week wellness coaching one on one program which includes a detailed intake process with wellness review, food journal, and habit evaluation. It includes one sixty to seventy-five minute intake session (via phone/Zoom), seven 30 minute follow-on sessions (via phone or Zoom), tailored meal guidance, and customized Lifestyle and Action Plan.Over all, this action plan is based on you, your body, lifestyle plus goals. You also receive unlimited access to her Virtual Fitness Membership, and access to a user-friendly platform for notes, and easy tracking. The total cost of this is $1778. Kat’s program provides long lasting results built from key lifestyle and mindset changes.Rev Streams: Kat’s revenue streams include one on one coaching, Virtual Fitness Membership (live virtual group fitness classes), Retreats (via her company, Eyia Retreats), Corporate Wellness Consulting and Programs (via her company, Eyia Wellness). Want to learn how to make money as a micro influencer? Take a look at this blog post on making money as a micro influencer. […]

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